School Tours

School Tours: Visit us at Bonanzaville!

The Pioneer Village is open for scheduled school tours from late April-October. Fall History Day is October 7th, 2016! For more information on this interactive experience, click HERE

Help history come alive for your students at Bonanzaville. Last year, the Cass County Historical Society at Bonanzaville was the educational destination for over 17,000 students and chaperones.

Just a few of the exciting things you can expect/request from a visit to Bonanzaville include:

  • A scavenger hunt that will facilitate cooperation while giving students a goal to focus their attention and energy.

  • Over 400,000 artifacts and over 43 historical buildings to provide a valuable glimpse of our history that you can't experience from a textbook. 

  • Guided, hands-on activities aligned to state standards.

  • A Pioneer Explorers Club pass for each student that is good for one FREE adult admission allowing them to share the experience again with a parent or friend.

Tours of the pioneer village are available late April  through October to allow for a spring or a fall outing. We also have the Cass County Museum and rotating exhibit gallery open year round, for tours during the off season. The special school admission rate is $3.00 per student for any tax exempt organization. This rate is also extended to chaperones. We require a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 6 students from K-5, and 1 adult for every 8 students grades 6-12. For more information or to book a tour contact us today!

A note on booking for May: May is our busiest school tour month. If you wish to book a May tour, please do so as early as possible to ensure availability.

Not a School?

No problem! We have reduced rates for organizations (daycares, boy scouts, girl scouts, summer camps, etc.) with groups of children. Call 701-282-2822 for more information.

Looking for reasons to bring your kids?

It is the mission of Bonanzaville to pass down our region's history to the next generation! Since 1954 the Cass County Historical Society has been collecting, displaying, and interpreting artifacts pertaining to the history and cultural heritage of Cass County (ND) and the Red River Valley.  This includes:

  • The Native American experience in the West

  • Settlement and immigration to the Red River Valley, Homesteading

  • Western expansion and its impact on the prairie

  • History and development of agriculture

  • History and development of transportation

  • History and development of technology

  • Cause and effect of the railroad on the West

  • Rise and fall of the bonanza farms

  • Life in a pioneer town (1870-1920)

    • Homes, schools, general store, hotels, banks, etc

  • Other topics on history and culture of the Red River Valley.  For example, important events, people and business.