State Standards

Education Standards

Bonanzaville’s educational programs can potentially fill the following educational standards:

North Dakota
Nature and Scope of History (4.1.1-3 or 8.1.1-3)
Social Studies Resources (4.4.2 or 8.4.2)
Geography (4.6.5)
Sovereignty (4.9.1-2 or 8.9.1-2)

Grades K-3
US History (I-A, I-C)
World History (IV-A, IV-B)
Grades 4-8
US History (I-A, I-E, I-G)
Minnesota History (II-A, II-B, II-C, II-D, II-E)
World History (III-A)
Historical Skills (IV-A, IV-B)
Geography (V-A, V-D)